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Contract Law and Civil Liability


06.09.2019 / Frankfurt a. M.

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Target audience:
This course is aimed at commercial lawyers whose work involves consideration of contracts under English law or litigation arising, specifically those lawyers working in the legal departments of international companies. Good knowledge of English is required.

It will provide an understanding of English Contract Law, how to identify and avoid potential traps. What to look out for!

The course will cover, inter alia:
* The principal requirements for the formation of a contract. Warranties, conditions and "terms and conditions". Why some contracts are executed "as a deed".
* misrepresentation, mistake, undue influence, duress: how these elements can make a contract "voidable"
* Guarantees and indemnities
* Time to be of the essence of the contract
* Why a "penalty" clause is not always enforceable under English law. Liquidated damages.
* The principles of agency whereby an "agent" can legally bind the "principal" without any agency agreement either oral or in writing? How agency can be created by operation of law. "Undertakings" by solicitors. The limits of agency and how it differs from a power of attorney.
* Negotiations "without prejudice": negotiations "subject to contract". A clear understanding of these concepts is essential to avoid unexpected results.
* The common law duty to "mitigate" your loss: how a failure to consider this aspect can substantially affect the result of litigation
* Civil liability: breach of contract and tort (including negligence): remoteness of damage and proximity
* Joint and several liability. Vicarious liability: employees and "independent contractors".
* The different remedies available in case of breach, for example damages, rescission, specific performance
* Contributory negligence: damages being reduced accordingly
* Causation
* Limitation periods and actions "statute barred"
* The role of the English judge in an action for breach of contract

David Hutchins, Mr, Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, Legal English Trainer, London

Frankfurt a. M.
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