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Contract Law and Civil Liability


06.09.2019 / Frankfurt a. M.

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Target audience:
The seminar is targeted at lawyers who are working in the legal departments of international companies and who are likely to have regular contact with contracts in English under English law and contracts in English under German law. Good knowledge of English is required.

The object of this course is to provide commercial civil code lawyers with the knowledge to avoid traps which can have consequences for their clients and themselves and to improve their general level of Common Law literacy.

Some key aspects:
* In what circumstances is a company "vicariously" liable? What does this mean and what are the criteria for its application?
* What do the words "Subject to Contract" mean and why do English solicitors sometimes put these words at the top of a letter?
* What are "Without Prejudice" negotiations and why are negotiations conducted on this basis?
* If an English solicitor is talking about the "domicile" of his client, John Smith, is he referring to Mr. Smith's flat?
* Under English Law, is there a requirement to negotiate "in good faith"? What does this mean?
* Why isn't a "penalty clause" always enforceable under English Law?
* There is a Common Law duty to "mitigate" your loss. To whom would this apply and why?
* "Damages" and "Damage". What's the difference?
* An agent is sometimes said to have "apparent" or "ostensible" authority. What does this mean?
* What are "advocacy" and "litigation"?

David Hutchins, Mr, Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, Legal English Trainer, London

Frankfurt a. M.
Freitag, 6. September 2019 * 9.00 Uhr bis 16.45 Uhr
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