Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht § 15 FAO

Online-Seminar: Vertragsrecht und Vertragsgestaltung
auf Englisch (International Common Law Contracts)


27.04.2022 /

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Who should attend?
Professionals working with contracts in an (international) commercial context

What will be covered?
A large number of contracts in business are developed in the English language. It is therefore important that lawyers and those dealing with contracts in Common Law or under International Conventions are able to fully understand the terminology used - both from a legal and linguistic point of view. Case studies and group work will be used and participants are encouraged to ask questions and raise points based on own experience and work.

What are the key aspects?
* What is a contract? - rules of construction and interpretation
* Analysing the Common Law approach to contracting and highlighting the differences with regard to Civil Law contracts and International Law Contracts e. g. CISG
* Basic concepts of Anglo-American style contract in terms of drafting and interpretation
* Definitions of key terms, contract formation, deeds
* Contract structure, check lists, key contract clauses and pitfalls
* Legal English, law and equity, contract and torts
* Termination and rescission, rights and remedies
* Representations and warranties

Who will lecture?
Stuart G. Bugg, B.A., LL.B (Hons), M. Jur. (Dist), Rechtsanwalt, Solicitor (England and Wales), Nürnberg

This seminar is held in English, any questions or queries can be answered in German.

Vortragszeiten: jeweils 10:00 Uhr bis 18:15 Uhr

Mittwoch, 27. April 2022, 10.00 Uhr bis Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2022, 18.15 Uhr
(12 Vortragsstunden)

325,- EUR RAe/-innen bis 3 Jahre nach Zulassung/
Assessoren/-innen bis 3 Jahre nach 2. Examen/Referendare/-innen
487,- EUR Mitglieder Anwaltverein
541,- EUR Nichtmitglieder
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