Managing Liability in International Contracts

Wann findet das Seminar statt?

Online | Mittwoch, 05. Oktober 2022, 10:00 Uhr bis Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2022, 18:15 Uhr
Veranstaltungs-Nr. 63852-22

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed to assist the professional in understanding the basic principles behind managing risk under the Common Law system in international contract and negotiation situations. It follows on from the first seminar on contracts "Vertragsrecht und Vertragsgestaltung auf Englisch (International Common Law Contracts)".

What will be covered?

What is liability? The seminar starts off with an analysis of the types of liability incurred before contract formation in negotiation situations, ranging from collateral contracts to the use of promissory estoppel and misrepresentation. The discussion then moves to the liability arising in relation to the various boilerplate provisions of contracts. The emphasis is on giving participants a practical understanding of the difficulties associated with limitation of liability clauses and their interpretation and application.

What are the key aspects?
  • Warranties and guarantees, penalties, liquidated damages

  • Representations and warranties, entire agreement/integration, (limitation of) liability

  • Retention of title, novation and assignment

  • Indirect and consequential damage, the pitfalls of drafting

Who will lecture?

Foto: Stuart G. Bugg
Rechtsanwalt, Solicitor (England and Wales), Nürnberg

Was kostet die Teilnahme?

  • 282 € RAe/-innen bis 3 Jahre nach Zulassung/Assessoren/-innen bis 3 Jahre nach 2. Examen/Referendare/-innen
  • 423 € Mitglieder Anwaltverein
  • 470 € Nichtmitglieder

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Managing Liability in International Contracts

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